• Driver & Fairway Wood Fitting

Fitting can take 30 to 45 mins


Golf Shop Canaria Driver and Fairway woods fitting platform uses Opti-Fit technology. Opti-Fit interchangeable heads and shafts offer the ability to get fit into your ideal driver from the fitting cart and then purchase the identical configuration. Opti-Fit also lets you reconfigure your driver to meet the unique challenges and conditions of every round with interchangeable heads and shafts. This technology provides for future customization so your equipment can change as your game does.

Choosing the ideal clubhead and shaft comes with our many years or of experience

There are now a number of different clubhead and shaft combinations. Each shaft can be interchanged with any clubhead so you will have no uncertainty as to how a particular shaft and head will perform for your unique swing.

Our Team will walk you throw the heads & shafts than can be good for you game making sure the head & shaft is the right one for you

Driver & Fairway Wood Fitting

  • 49.00€