Introducing The Honma Tour World TW747 Utility.

Honma Tour World TW747 Utility has head shape give a sense of ease.

The moderate hitting feeling is important and want good spin and high ball operative character by the face.

Honma Tour World TW747 Utility is also a strategic UT aiming to dead pin. It has 5 mm short hosel than the previous work, the launch angle has been raised by about 2*. In addition, based on the highly evaluated head shape from professionals inside and outside the contract, it has a solid sense of security and adopts an outline that is straightforward to draw.

About This Product Listing

Comes with NSPRO 950GH Shaft as its standard shaft

Other Shafts available as custom shaft option

We recommend talking with one of our fitters or sales staff to confirm the shaft & head before making the order. you can do this by phone, WhatsApp or email


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When making your order please confirm the shaft & head in the comment box in step 4

TW 747 - Utilty

  • Brand: Honma
  • Product Code: TW 747 - Hybrid
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 299.00€