Features & Benefits

Jailbreak Technology For Fast Ball Speed

Internal Jailbreak bars stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole, placing higher impact load to the face to promote fast ball speed.

Forged Carpenter Steel Face and Face Cup Technology For Fast Ball Speed

Forged 455 Carpenter steel construction combines with Face Cup technology to create a high COR face that promotes fast ball speed on center- and off-center hits.

MIM’ed Weighting Promotes Distance-enhancing Launch Conditions

Powerful lofts work in conjunction with CG locations optimized by MIM’ed weighting to promote distance-enhancing launch conditions through the hybrid set.

Incredibly Lightweight Star Package For Maximum Swing Speed and Ball Speed

A lighter head, ultra-premium UST ATTAS Speed 40g/50g class shaft and 43g Golf Pride J200 grip combine to save a dramatic amount of weight for increased swing speed and long distance.


Premium Stock Shaft Options


UST Mamiya ATTAS Speed Series 50 Graphite


EPIC Flash Star

  • Brand: Callaway Golf
  • Product Code: EPIC Flash Star Hybrid
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